The Good Fat Story

We deliver the avocado you didn’t know you’ve been missing. 

The Good Fat was founded because we believe everyone should be able to access delicious, California avocados year-round.

Too many of us have settled for mediocre avocados because we’ll stop at anything to enjoy the delicious superfood spread on absolutely everything, blended in our smoothies, sliced in salads and main dishes alike, or scooped and eaten plain right out of the skin. 

With The Good Fat, you can experience a piece of California avocado ranch life by having a never-ending supply of incredible avocados on your counter year-round (AKA the dream)! We’re talking picked to order and shipped direct. Our avocado subscription boxes are tailored so you can plan ahead, ripening only what you need, and storing them at peak freshness, so you’ll never need to run out for an avocado for an impromptu party.   

We have the best avocados in the world in our backyard, and we can’t wait for you to taste the difference with us. 


Love & avocados from our family to yours,