How do I know when my avocados are ripe?

  • If the avocado yields to gentle pressure, you know it's right. Outside skin may have a darker color. Grab the avocado in one hand and lightly squeeze it. It should feel soft, not mushy.

Avocados are shipped firm, what if I want to ripen them faster?

  • Place them in a paper bag with a sliced apple or banana and roll up paper bag so it closes shut. 
  • This helps to concentrate the levels of ethylene gas which is what helps induce the ripening of the avocados.
Do avocados ripen on the tree?
  • No, avocados mature on the tree. In fact, avocados must be picked in order to ripen.

When will my order arrive?

  • Monthly subscriptions: picked, packed and shipped every 1st Sunday of the month.
  • Single order boxes: picked, packed and shipped every 1st Sunday of the month. (see below for dates) 

  • BiMonthly subscriptions: picked, packed and shipped every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.  (see below for dates) 



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